Career Profile

I have over 6 years of work experience in Data Science / Machine Learning and building production ready tools. My projects span a wide spectrum of applications and techniques: Automated Essay Scoring (NLP) to Robust AI (CV) to Aircraft performance prediction (Stochastic Regression).

My current focus is on Retail Analytics - specifically on targeted promotions and optimal promo design.

Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist, Retail Promotions

2023 - Present
  • Devised scalable end-to-end recommendation system for consumer retail goods using SynapseML package.
  • Achieved 100% improvement in NDCG metric in comparison to vanilla frequency based recommendations.
  • Analyzed cross-product interactions to identify halo/cannibal product pairs and enhance promotion planning.

Graduate Research Assistant, Robust AI for Computer Vision

2022 - 2023
Intel - Georgia Institute of Technology (DARPA Project)
  • Developed robust defense against adversarial attacks on ground-based and overhead tracking in PyTorch.
  • Improved accuracies of Faster-RCNN based single- and multi-object trackers by 10 and 15 percentage points respectively.
  • Designed novel small scale filtering strategy to negate the effect of moving adversarial patch.
  • Achieved 4x increase in computational throughput by optimizing function calls and variables within GPU.

Aerodynamics Engg. III, Stochastic Regression and Uncertainty Quantification

2017 - 2021
Boeing Research & Technology
  • Built stochastic regression toolbox based on Gaussian process regression to fuse multiple data sources and provided quantitative estimates on uncertainty, resulting in significant reduction in aircraft certification costs.
  • Supervised the integration of statistical modeling framework from Matlab into Python to achieve seamless interaction with Boeing’s existing design tools, thus achieved multi-fold increase in the toolbox’s reach.
  • Formulated cross-functional research projects to meet the requirements of business and engineering units.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stability of Swirling Jets

2016 - 2017
Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP)
  • Characterized large-scale coherent structures in swirling jets through dimensionality reduction (PCA, DMD) and established the causality based on the underlying physics through global stability analysis.


Reports for each of these projects may be obtained by clicking the project name. However, the codes cannot be shared due to Georgia Tech policies. I am listed as "Vamsi Ravilla" or "Vamsi Krishna Chakravarthy Ravilla" in these projects.

Coca-Cola Pricing Strategy [video] - Effect of price promotions in Spanish beverage market.
Automated Essay Scoring - I [report] - Single metric essay evaluation using classical supervised and unsupervised learning methods.
Automated Essay Scoring - II [presentation] - Multi-metric essay evaluation using deep language models and data augmentation using auto-encoders.
Crude Oil Price Prediction [report] - Is public sentiment on crude oil price related to its hidden state in HMM?
Airbnb Price Prediction [presentation] - Predict rental prices in New York City using multi-linear regression.
Humana-Mays Healthcare Analytics [report] - Predict housing insecurity (case study competition)

Publications & Conferences

I am listed as “R. V. K. Chakravarthy” in these articles.

  • Uncertainty propagation - CFD results to flight performance analysis
  • R. V. K. Chakravarthy, John A. Schaefer, Andrew W. Cary
    Boeing Technical Excellence Conference, Anaheim, USA, 2019
  • Global stability of buoyant jets and plumes [paper]
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  • Analytical and numerical study of normal shock response in a uniform duct [paper]
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  • Dynamics of coaxial swirling jets
  • R. V. K. Chakravarthy, G. Balarac, O. Metais
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  • Effect of buoyancy on the instability of light jets and plumes [paper]
  • R. V. K. Chakravarthy, L. Lesshafft, P. Huerre
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  • The multifold effects of density on the instability of jets, plumes and premixed flames
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  • Local linear stability of laminar axisymmetric plumes [paper]
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